Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-01-20

Subject: Potentials, potentials, potentials

January 20, 2014
Hey family!

Sounds like y'all had a great week!! Jace, hang in there bud! I am so sorry that you are having to go through this! But hopefully things will start to improve as time continues. Know that you are in my prayers! And Court you too! Get feeling better! You know, one of the best cures to sicknesses is to write letters to your sister who is on a mission. I haven't gotten a letter from any of my siblings in over 2 months and some of you I haven't heard from at all. :( What is going on?! Maybe tonight for FHE you can have a letter writing session :) Just something to think about...

Good luck with that huge house mom! That sounds awesome! How many ladies do you clean for now? And your experience with Sister Markers mom sounds awesome! I would love to hear some of what she taught you dad!

Sister DeBry is still just incredible! We have so much fun together and she is such an incredible missionary! I have learned so much from her and she is just such a sweetheart :) Her name is Elise DeBry and she is from Feron, UT. She graduated with me but her birthday is in June so she is 20. I really really hope we can stay together for at least 2 transfers!!

We had a really good week but I don't have a ton of time to talk about it. But some of the highlights were:

Yesterday we were able to go to a contemporary church called East Gate with a lady we met named Pam, I think I have told you a little bit about her. But we were talking about wanting to have the experience of going to a different church and she said we could go with her. It was very interesting. We show up and you can just hear the drums going and we look at each other and we are like, what are we getting into? But we went in anyway and we were the only ones dressed up. We stood out a little bit and got some funny looks but people were very friendly. As you entered the main place all the lights were turned down and there is a Christian rock band playing. Everyone was standing up with their arms in the air singing along with the band and "feeling the spirit". The band was really talented but it sure didn't feel like church. Then the pastor stood up and he was a really good speaker, gave a great motivational speech about taking a fresh start this year. But the Spirit definitely wasn't there. Not that there was evil there but they had just missed the mark of what church is supposed to be like It was so sad. At the end of his address, he had the piano player come up and the music would build up at the climax of his speech and I realized that they were counterfeiting the influence of the Spirit. It made me so grateful for our church and for the Spirit and the testimony that is there. It was like taking a huge spiritual drink going to sacrament meeting later that day. But a few people came up to us and talked to us and they invited us to their Bible study. They are all really friendly and just good people. They just need the truth!

FHE with Carmine went so good! The kids absolutely loved it and I really think they learned something and Carmine really thanked us and said that she needed that :) I love that family!!

We had a really good lesson with the Grimes family as well. It went a lot better this time. We were able to talk a lot about prayer and transition that to the Restoration. I think the dad, Rick, has a lot more potential right now than the mom does. She was pretty defensive about the Bahai faith that they go to. But we are meeting with them again this week.

And we got back in touch with Joe!! Do you remember him? We met him like my 2nd or 3rd week here and then we had like 4 cancelled appointments with him. But we met with him and he said that he has been having a really rough time and that he wants to start making some priorities and changes in his life and that he is going to be there at our appointments. He is really just searching for the truth and we had a really good lesson with him on Friday and we will have one again this week!

Beverly, the old lady from last week who we had the awesome Book of Mormon experience with is reading the book of Mormon! She is so sweet! When we stopped by, she said it wasn't a good time but that she was reading and to come back this week.

There is just so much potential here if we can just get back in with these people and help them progress! But miracles really are happening here and it is exciting to be a part of it.

I am out of time but I love you all so much!! Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!! I couldn't do this without you!!
Sister Bedke

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