Monday, January 6, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-01-06

Subject:  And the transfer news is...

January 6, 2014
Hey family!!

Thank you so much for sending me those pics!!! My gosh I have a good lookin family!! You guys all look so great!! I am so lucky to have y'all as my family :) I love that you did the signs on the freeway and on the real estate marquee!! Ash I am so proud of you!! You did it!!! Way happy to hear that you aren't weird now. Although if that will postpone you dating... haha I'm mostly kidding.

Good luck this week with your MRI Jace! Know that you are in my prayers every day and that everything is going to be ok. I love you bud! Let me know what the results are, k?

Well I guess the big news is transfer calls were today. And I am staying in Webb Bridge!! And Sister H is going to Lawrenceville. My new companion's name is Sister Debry. She has been out since July and was Sister Liu's (the other sister in the Webb Bridge ward who has helped me get through these last 12 weeks and is the one in those pics from Brother King) MTC companion. She said that she is really sweet and very talented and really nice and obedient. So I am really excited to get to meet and work with her. I am also excited to get to stay in Webb Bridge ward! I really feel like there are people who I need to reach in this area and who are out there for me to find. And I really just want to go out and work hard to find them. It has been really hard to get things done these past 12 weeks because Sister H has had such a hard time. It has been quite the adventure with her. But I definitely have learned a lot from her and I can honestly say that I love her and care about her. I have been praying so hard to see her as the Savior sees her and to try and help her through this hard time. I don't know how successful I was because I definitely wasn't perfect at helping her or at being patient with her but I know that the Lord put me with her as my trainer for a reason. And now I think that Sister Debry and I can just go out and work hard and keep the work moving in the Webb Bridge ward. With that said though, these past few days have been awesome. We found some new investigators!!! OH MY GOSH IT ONLY TOOK 12 WEEKS TO FIND SOMEONE!!! But we were able to tract into several people who seemed genuinely interested in learning more and set up appointments with us!! I feel like the Lord is telling me that things have the potential to get going here and that this is my time to just dig in and work hard and I will see miracles happen here.

Speaking of miracles... do y'all remember Micky? We had a really good first lesson with her and then she wouldn't answer our calls or come to the door or anything for like 3 weeks. And on Saturday, we decided to stop by and try one last time to see if she was still interested and so we knocked and she was home and she let us in and was talking to us and it turns out that her mom passed away on Dec 18 and that she has been in New Jersey since then and just barely got back. She was so at peace with it too. It was incredible. She told us that she knew that her mom was in a better place and that she was happy. We were able to share Alma 40 with her and she said that she wants to start meeting with us again!!! I'm so excited!!

We found another couple, Rick and Roya Grimes, to work with. They are members of the Bahai faith. I had never heard of that but you should do some research on it. it is really interesting. But they are very open minded and we had a limp with them yesterday and talked to them, mainly the dad, about his religious background. He has done a lot of research and has so much potential but he sees other religious leaders, like Buddha or Confucious, on the same plane as Christ in that they are all integral to religion. So we talked to him about how there is truth and good to be found everywhere but that God's full and complete authority can only be found in our church and committed him to reading and praying about the book of mormon. Then the member who came with us totally bore her testimony about how the gospel has changed her life (she is a convert) and we closed. It was really cool!

Souji and Venkat didn't keep their Thursday appointment sadly and then wouldn't answer their phone for a few days and then I got a voicemail from her and she said that she was busy on Thursday and wants us to come back and teach her this week! So that was really exciting!

And at church yesterday, one of the less actives we are working with came!!! And she wants us to come over next Monday to do a missionary FHE with her family!! So many great things are happening in this ward!! I am starting to see why I am here on a mission and in this ward! Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our needs and knows when He needs to step in when we can't go on any further. So things are definitely looking up from where they have been. :)

I better go but know that I love all of you so much!! Thank you for your love, support and prayers. You are all incredible!!!

the remaining Sister Bedke in the south :)

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