Monday, January 6, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2013-12-23

Subject:  Merry Christmas!!!

December 23, 2013
Hey Family!!!

Oh my gosh I am so excited to talk to you in 2 days!!!! And I can't believe that G'ma is going to be there!! That will be so great and I am so excited that she will be there when Ash gets home!! I have been thinking a lot about all of you this week as y'all are getting ready for Christmas. I got both packages, the one from the mission home and the one from Court. Thank you so much! They totally made my day!! Confession, the blanket was partially unwrapped so I definitely opened it all the way and have been using it. I decided to wait on the other ones though. But I love that blanket!! It is so soft and orange!! Thank you so much!

This is going to be pretty short cause I don't have a lot of time. But some things I love about g'ma: is her ability to make you feel so loved and important, her kindness to everyone, her example to me, being her friend and granddaughter, her willingness to reach out to people, and laughing with her, I love that she plays games with us and will stay up with us and eat cookie dough with us and she is so hot! grandma is a fox! haha i love that she has a relationship with each of her grandkids individually and that she truly loves us. Give her a huge hug from me when she gets there and I hope y'all travel safely and don't have any crazy snow storms!

I gotta go but I will talk to you at noon (our time) on christmas!! xoxoxo

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