Monday, January 13, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-01-13

Subject: Heavenly Father sent me an angel :)

January 13, 2014
Hi family!!!

Thanks for the email! It sounds like everyone is doing great! I am SO relieved that they didn't find anything with Jace!! Hang in there bud and know that you are staying in my prayers every day! I love you! Thanks for sending me those pics Ash of Lacey and everyone! They are so cute! I am sure your homecoming talk was incredible and I would love a copy of it. Thank you for the stuff you sent me too! I am loving the cds and talks and everything! Thanks for sending me all of that, I will put it to good use.

This week has just been incredible! One of the huge tender mercies was that things were able to end on such a positive note with Sister H. There is a reason I was put with her and we were visiting with a member who is going through a hard time and Sister H told her that she had been having a really hard time too these past 3 months but that I have helped her make it through them. I have been waiting 3 months to hear that and it meant a lot to me that she said something. I met her new companion on Wednesday morning and I think she is going to be just what she needs and that things will start to turn around for her. Her name is Sister Neilson and she knew some Bedke's in Oakley! Her grandma lives there and I can't remember her name now... awkward but kinda cool. And Elder Pickett from Oakley is in my zone! He just got here last transfer and seems to be doing really good. Small world :)

Wednesday morning I also met my new companion, Sister DeBry. She is incredible!!!! Oh my gosh I just have to keep reminding myself that this is real and not exchanges. We just clicked instantly. She came out 6 months ago but this is her 2nd area. I told her about some of the challenges of our area but she was just so excited and ready to go and work hard. We have already seen so many miracles in these last 4 days! I just feel like a missionary now and I am so happy! Heavenly Father knew how much I needed her and she is a huge answer to prayers. I could just go on and on about how incredible she is! We were at the Bartlett's house last night and she sent a pic to 801-725-1622. Is that your number now mom? Or which number is whose?

Miracle #1: We were tracting on Friday in the neighborhood of one of our members, the Newtons, and when we finished we were talking to Bro. Newton outside for a bit and his neighbor, Mark, came up and he was walking his dog. He stopped to talk to Bro. Newton and he introduced us to him and told him that he should have us over to teach him more about our church (I LOVE MEMBER MISSIONARIES!!!) And he said he knew some Mormons and that he would love to! He is such a nice, funny guy!! We gave him a call on Saturday and he was like, Can I come to church with you tomorrow? Umm, yeah!! And he came!!! It was awesome! Funny story though. One of the members came up to him and asked if he was an investigator (forehead smack) and he leaned over to me and asked what an investigator was, and I told him that it is a term that we use to describe people we find who are learning more about the church. I was just praying that he would take it well and he just thought that it was the funniest thing!  He started introducing himself to the members as our investigator Mark and that we had found him while we were out evangilizing. And since both of us are from Utah, but we don't ski, he started to call us tubers :) So after church we get a text from him that says, "Hi tubes! I was praying for your success and it awakened me to an opportunity for ya'll to evang a tube on Georgia tech's campus. from the Investigator Mark." haha I don't know if this story made sense to you but it was hilarious! And he still wants to meet with us and is just awesome!

Miracle #2: We were following up with a lady named Beverly who was sick when Sis H and I stopped by last week but told us to come back. She let us in to answer some questions she had about mormons. We asked her what she had heard before and she said that we don't drink coffee, tea, or soda, we don't let anyone in our temples, and that we wear some sort of special underwear :) haha we gave her an overview of who Mormons are and what we believe and talked about the first half of lesson 1. At the end of the lesson, we felt impressed to read 3 Nephi 11 with her and the spirit just came in so strong! She told us that she would like to get a copy of that book and we offered her one right there and she just broke into tears and told us that she would read it. It was incredible! She has been through a lot in her life, her husband is blind and deaf and her sister is really sick as well. But she is the sweetest lady ever!

Miracle #3: Just prior to Beverly, we were following up with another lady in that neighborhood, Lisa. We had stopped by this house and the teenage son answered the door and told us that he though his mom had met with the missionaries before so we gave him our card and told him we would try and stop by later. When we knocked on the door, the mom answered and we told her who we were and she said that she had just found the card that we left like 20 minutes ago (which we found out was about the time we drove into the neighborhood:)). She was so nice and wants us to come back next Saturday and teach her more! Ah!! 

Miracle #4: One of the less active ladies, Carmine, came to church again yesterday!!! I'm not sure how long it had been before she came last week, but I know at least since I got here. And she invited us to come do FHE tonight with her kids! We are going to do a putting on the armor of god lesson and then use it to defend against the fiery darts of the adversary which will be marshmallows with temptations written on them. :) I'm so excited!!

Sister DeBry has just given me such a fresh new perspective on how to be a missionary and we truly are seeing miracles come from our efforts. I am just so excited to be here! 

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers! I couldn't do this without all of you!!
Sister Bedke

PS limp=Lesson taught to Investigator with Member Present.
PPS Yes we still have a car and I get to drive now!!! It is a 2014 Ford fusion and I am in heaven :)
PPPS I would love having that Garmin if that is ok and for the skirt, if you could find a brown or tan skirt that was a more stiff material that would be great. Sis DeBry has one that I love, I am wearing it in the pic I sent to that number. But a medium would probably work so that it is long enough. Thank you!

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