Monday, April 28, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-04-28

Subject: Poison Ivy?
April 28, 2014
What's good family? :)

Wow, y'all have had quite the week! I love how you all did the Jr. Missionaries thing! That is so cool and it sounds like it went great! There sure are a lot of future missionaries that were participating that night. Having experiences to practice teaching like that will be invaluable as they all prepare to serve missions themselves. Who put all of that together? We seriously have the best ward ever :) Tell everyone hi for me!

Jace I'm so sorry that you have had such a rough week! I hope that you start feeling better and that those headaches stop bothering you soon. Are your teachers still working with you? How much longer is school going for? I have been thinking about how normally at this time I am finishing up with finals and that is really weird that it has been a whole year since I've been in school.

March 27 is Roberta's birthday and I think it was the day that they started dating too. They are doing so great! We had dinner with them on Saturday and Michael is preparing to get his patriarchal blessing soon! And he passed the sacrament yesterday! I felt like a proud mom watching him and all of the young men were giving him high fives and everything when it was over :) I love that family!

And sadly Donna, Shawn, and Mikaila didn't make it to church today. We went over to Shawn's on Saturday to help her out with some yard work and we found out that she has been going to 12 Stone, which is just a huge rock concert mega-church, with her boyfriend. It made me really sad that she is making time to go to that church but won't come with us. She is a teacher and told us that things will slow down a lot when school ends but it is hard to know how to help her. I just have to keep reminding myself that it isn't in my timing but it is in the Lord's and He knows what He is doing. She just means so much to me and I want to see her move forward so badly!

Mikaila is the friend of a member in our ward who has been coming to church for over a year but just wants to do it in her own way. She is a sassy black lady but I love her! We have had lessons planned with her these past 3 weeks but something has always gotten in the way until this last week when we had lunch with her and Sister Sorenson (member friend). We just kept it really casual and talked about the talk "Beautiful Mornings" with her. It went really well and she seemed to really like it and we are going to make it a weekly thing now :). But she had a hard weekend and wasn't able to make it to church today. Prayers in her behalf would be greatly appreciated.

And Donna is doing great! She called us on Tuesday and told us how she had to go to take care of her dad this weekend and wasn't going to be able to go to church with us. But we were able to meet with her almost every day this week to read the Book of Mormon and pray with her. On Thursday night, we talked to her about wanting to help prepare her to be baptized. She has already been baptized into the Methodist church but received the whole authority thing really well and definitely wants to continue to meet with her. Sister Perry came with us and gave her a beautiful picture of Christ to hang in her house. Her house is really starting to look and smell a lot better. She is so grateful to have the help and every time she prays with us she thanks Heavenly Father for sending her sister into her life. I love her! We stopped by last night to read the Book of Mormon (which she brought with her on her trip!) and in her prayer we wrote down some questions to ask and she told Heavenly Father that she knew that what we are saying is true. She is so sweet and always tells us she loves us as we leave :).

So for the title of this email: On Tuesday I started to get these weird, itchy mosquito bite things on my arms and I couldn't figure it out because they didn't look like normal mosquito bites and they weren't going away. A member told me to put some ammonia on them because that would help to take out the itch but that wasn't helping and it was actually getting worse and starting to spread. I was really confused and had no idea what to do. When we were visiting with Donna on Friday, she asked how my mosquito bites were doing and I showed her them and she tells me that they aren't mosquito bites but poison ivy! She gave me this stuff called Zanfel to put on it which helped relieve the itching for a bit but it was still spreading all up my arms, to my ankles, up my legs, and even a little on my face. The next day we called our mission doctor who had me email pics to him and then he called me in a prescription for a corticosteriod. I really hope it starts to kick in soon because it itches like a mother and I look like I have leprosy. Haha fun times, right? :) I'll forward on the pics to y'all. But I promise that I am fine so don't worry Mom.

Well I think that those are the highlights of this week :) I hope you all have a great week and know that someone in Georgia loves you a lot! Thanks for all you do for me!

Sister Bedke

PS For Mother's Day, we have church from 1:30-4:30 and you have church from 11-2 Georgia time so I guess either before 11 or after 5 Georgia time. I would probably lean towards after 5, but I will talk with Sister Webster and see what works for her and her family. I am so excited!

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