Monday, February 10, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-02-10

Subject: Best weekend ever!!!
February 10, 2014

Oh my goodness where did this week go?? I can't believe how fast it went by and transfers are next week! What the? When did that happen? I am really really hoping I get to have one more transfer in Webb Bridge with Sister DeBry! We have both been praying that that can happen. Is that an OK thing to pray for? Hopefully... but I guess we will see what happens. And if not, Sister DeBry can definitely take care of everything here but I really want to stay! I love it here :) 

But it sounds like y'all had a great week and a fun time in Idaho! And I LOVE that you are doing a Bedke MTC!! We have a family in our ward, the Castromans, and they called their house an MTC too for Missionary Training Castromans :) But definitely our family should ALL prepare to go on missions, even if they don't end up serving because it will be awesome and is such good preparation for life! But you all should definitely serve missions :)

But this week was really good. During the week was a little slow, but our weekend was crazy! Our car is all fixed and everything, no we didn't have to call the police or anything. The guy was really nice and commented that he was so glad that he hit a Mormon instead of a JW haha. We ended up contacting them and will probably stop by this week or next. You never know :) But while it was getting fixed, we got to go out with the Lilburn sisters which was a lot of fun.

We didn't get to talk Joe this week, dang it. He wasn't home when we stopped by for our appointment and we called him and he felt so bad. He has been swamped at work and completely forgot but we are meeting with him this Friday so that will be good :) But while we were on our way over we got a phone call from this guy who said that he was interested in learning more about our church and had some questions for us. What? That never happens! We both got really excited but after talking with him for a few minutes it became clear that all he wanted to do was argue with us and Bible bash us in the whole "saved by grace" concept, which makes me so mad. Did you run into that a lot Ash? It is huge here. He was a real jerk about it and finally we just had to hang up. He told us the real reason he was calling is that he was concerned about our salvation and wanted to save us from going to hell. Thanks buddy.

But that night we had an awesome lesson with Carl! Sister Simon, a convert from Haiti came with us and it was incredible. He had read the entire book of 1 Nephi! We were able to start on the plan of salvation with him and compared his relationship that he has with his sons to the relationship he has with Heavenly Father. He was really accepting of everything. Sister Simon ended up talking about her baptism and how she had come to know that the church is true. It was so powerful! And he came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours!! He seemed so comfortable and the ward was so welcoming and he wants to meet with us again before our normal lesson on Friday! Life is good :)

Have I told you about Taareka yet? I don't think I have. She is an Indian woman that we met the day of the snowstorm. We left the Savior's peace and blessings with her and had a lesson with her last week as well. She has the most adorable 4 year old daughter ever. Her name is Ani and she always gives us these huge hugs whenever she sees us :) I love this family! But we met with them on Saturday evening and talked with her about the identity of God and her role as His daughter. She knew when she was about 12 that there was only one god and has the most incredible faith in Him. But the Spirit was so strong as we testified of His love for her. She really opened up to us and told us how her husband had died 2 years ago. He was her best friend and they loved each other so much. She told us that when that happened, she knew that there had to be more to life than this and that God had a bigger purpose for her in life and that we were there to help to show her that. Oh my gosh it was incredible! Sister DeBry gave the most powerful testimony to her. And she also came to church yesterday with Ani! She said that there was a lot that she didn't understand but that she is excited to learn more and I think she really felt the Spirit and very welcome :) Oh it was just the best thing ever! I love her so much!

Well I think that about wraps up the week :) Thank you so much for all of the love, prayers, and support. It means a lot and I am so grateful for each of you! I love you!!
Sister Bedke

PS I did get grandma and grandpa's package and letter and I got the first talk that you sent, but not the second one yet. Thanks!
PPS SO glad that Jace is doing better! I love you bud! (write me!)

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