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Amber Ltr: 2014-01-27

Subject:  Hey!!
January 27, 2014
Hey family!!!

Thanks for the letter! Sounds like you had a bit of a roller coaster week too! Jace I am so sorry that your headaches are still going on. I hope this week goes better for you. Are you sleeping better? Are the pills helping at all? And Court you need to get better too! And I still would like to hear from my siblings... :)

But happy birthday Jace! Did my card get there? It sounds like you had a really fun day! Know that I was thinking of you and I hope this will be a great year for you! Thanks for what you said in your testimony :) it made my day!

Ashley, that is not even funny to have mom say that and then not have a letter from you of what that is about. Please repent and write me and tell me what happened the other night.

And to answer your questions, no I haven't gotten my package yet but I am really excited now! Did you send it here? I will go check with the apartment office and see if they have it for me. But thanks in advance!  Feron is about 45 minutes south of Price in the center of Utah. Super small town. Sister Paulsen's first name is Karen. On p-days, there isn't a ton of stuff to do in our area but we usually go to Webb Bridge park and play ultimate Frisbee with the elders and sisters and sometimes the zone leaders. It is a lot of fun!

Like I said, it was a bit of a roller coaster week. Some really good moments but there were a lot of cancelled appointments and interesting experiences. We had interviews with President on Tuesday and that went really good. He said he is really proud of the missionary that I am becoming and that I am doing good :) it meant a lot to hear that from him. But some highlights of the week: We were able to get back in touch with Beverly!!! And she is still reading the book of Mormon and is loving it! When we showed up she invited us in and told us she had some questions for us. She started with reading the testimonies in the front and already has a testimony of Joseph Smith and we haven't even taught her about him yet! She is such a sweet lady and she told us that she has been looking for a church to attend. I love her!

The Grimes are still interested in meeting with us but they were busy this week and had to cancel so we'll try again this week. But we did have a lesson with Joe and it went really good. We taught him about the restoration and the peace that the gospel brings. He is really making our visits a priority in his life now and is very accepting of what we teach him. He has a lot of potential.

Souji, the Hindu lady we had that awesome lesson with, has not been there for both appointments we set up, and won't answer or return our calls. So we kind of had to move her to the back burner a little bit. We did call Ravi (the one who was finishing up with finals) and he is looking for a job and doesn't have time to meet with us now so he is kind of on the back burner as well. Dang it.

We had an interesting lesson yesterday though. It was with a man and his wife, Tayo and Jumi. They are from Nigeria and go to North Point, which is basically a rock concert with a spiritual message. She was pretty defensive the whole lesson about her beliefs and believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet but that there were a million "Joseph Smiths" out there whom God has inspired to start a church. We tried explaining the concept of priesthood and authority but it didn't do anything. It was really frustrating trying to convey that. I have seen that quite a bit where Satan tells people that it doesn't matter which church you go to because they are all good and all true. Satan is the worst.

But Sister DeBry and I are really doing good and getting a lot better at teaching together and I am learning a ton from her. She is incredible and I really hope we get to have at least 2 transfers together. We always joke that we are staying together the rest of our missions which would be awesome! We are trying to convince President that that would be a good idea. Haha she is great :)

But things are going good here in Georgia :)  I can't believe Matt is coming home! Tell him congratulations for me! It sounds like he did an incredible job as a missionary!

I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers!!
Sister Bedke

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