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Amber Ltr: 2013-10-28

Subject:  I feel betrayed...

October 28, 2013
Hello Family!!!

Guess what I found out this week? South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia does! What the? It was kind of a let down, not going to lie. And I had a peach last week and it wasn't even that good. So I guess peach season isn't any longer or better here than in Utah... Sad day.

I am also sorry for the downer letter that I sent last week. I know I probably made you cry Mom and I'm sorry. I just never expected missions to be this hard. I have gone back to the setting apart blessing many times where Pres. Waddoups told me that "missions are hard but you are strong." I have tried to take comfort from that but I really don't feel strong a lot of the time. I have never been more discouraged, depressed, or emotional in my life. It is ridiculous! I keep apologizing to my companion as I try and figure out how to handle these crazy emotions. I think she thinks I am a nutcase sometimes. I think one of the hardest things is people seriously treat you like you have the plague. You go up and knock on doors and people are very suspicious of you and don't open their doors all the way and hide their kids from our sight and just avoid us. It gets depressing.

Sorry I didn't talk about my companion either. Sister Dayla Haderlie if you want to facebook stalk her. She has been out for 5 months and is from Vista, California. Let me preface this by saying this week went better than last week, but it was pretty rough at the start. She really missed her old companion and really lacks in the patience department sometimes. Which has been hard. She would just go all super quiet when she was mad or annoyed at me and then would just kind of snap at me. Finally I had to talk with her and tell her that I couldn't deal with a companion who was angry at me all the time in addition to trying to figure out how to be a missionary. We had a pretty good talk and decided that what we both needed was a friend and a support to each other. Things have gotten better since then. We have had some good talks and actually laugh now which is so needed. So it is a work in progress but we shall see. It is much better now than it was last week.

It has also gotten better with the other sisters in the ward. We had a rough start with them but she apologized to us and told us that she wants to work together with us. We are pretty good friends with them now.

Cool experience of the week: We got to meet with Elder Oaks on Saturday morning!! He spoke to our mission and to the Atlanta mission which meant that I got to see Turtle and Hairy :) They are doing great!  He spoke to us a lot about hastening the work. It was awesome and he shook all 500 of our hands! We also got a picture with each mission so I'll forward it to you when I get a copy :)

Brooke- I haven't gotten your letter yet but I did get Jace's and his reply got sent today. Thank you for the letters!! I love them so much and seriously it is such a boost when you get mail.

Our apartment is paid for by the church but furnished by the ward. It is very nice. Somehow there was a miscommunication with the ward that we weren't coming til Nov and then they found out the night before that we were coming the next day. So it was empty when we got there but ward members were coming by throughout the day bringing us stuff. They were incredibly nice and brought us a ton of stuff.

Stella is a less active in the ward. The other sisters gave us a list of names that we could go see and she was one of them. We have met with her a couple of times now and hopefully we'll meet with her tomorrow night. She is kind of crazy. Such a sweet lady though. She is really fun to visit with and we always read the BoM with her. She hasn't read it on her own yet, she just loves her Bible but she likes reading it with us and I know she feels the Spirit. So we'll keep going back even if she never will come to church with us.

Billy Ray. So we called the day before to confirm our appt. and his wife answers and says that they are Christian and not interested and hangs up the phone. What a beast. So we'll go back in a few weeks and try again I guess. Yes that same rule applies here. If we go see a single man, we need to bring a sister or a couple from the ward.

I am still waking up in the night which is super irritating. I'm with you. I think it is just adjusting to this schedule. But I really hope it happens soon because this cannot keep happening. But 8 hours of sleep is a beautiful thing, let me tell you. Why have I never had it in my life before? :)

I got my bag but I haven't gotten the stuff that I forgot yet. I really like my bag though! It is really nice. Looking forward to getting the other one.

Thank you for bringing up tithing. I forgot to write this in my last email. I need to pay tithing on all my Lee's checks and the $50 from the Garners. After that I should be current. Thank you! Also can you send me a copy of our family insurance card? Sister Atkin said I should have one.

So our mornings are devoted to exercise and studying. We have lunch at 11 and then head out for the day. We have to do 2 hours of tracting each day. Surprisingly I actually am not minding it so much. When people will actually talk to you it is really fun. We actually had a really cool experience last night. We were going tracting in this neighborhood and came to the door of this one house and asked if we could come in and share a message about Jesus Christ with him. He said yes! I always get really excited and surprised when that happens because it just doesn't happen hardly at all. But we were able to teach him and his wife and little girl about the restoration and leave them with a Book of Mormon! The Spirit was very strong there. It was really cool. The only bummer is that he is getting ready for finals so he can't meet with us for a month or so but he told us that he would read! So his name is Ravi and his wife's name is Yoki (they are Indian) and prayers in their behalf would be great.

So with white washing, you start with a completely blank slate so these first few weeks our efforts are focused on finding people. Last week, we were able to find several potential investigators. Our goal for this week is to make those potentials into progressing. Some of our potentials are Pam, Theresa, Annette, Ravi, and Carlos. The less actives we are working with are Jason and Stephanie Smith and Stella. We are trying to start working with some more less actives and part member families this week. Things are starting to get going here and I really am starting to like it. Again I apologize for the downer parts of the emails. It will get better and I'll get better at coping with everything. But I really thank you for your love and prayers and support. It means so much to me. I love and miss y'all!!!  Xoxo

Sister Bedke, the younger

PS There is a man in our ward who served his mission with Uncle Eric! His name is Norman Johnson and he said Uncle Eric was his District or Zone leader in Korea. Kinda cool :) Also there is an elder in the mission, Elder Barret who is from Malta and played football with Mitch and knows Valerie and their family! He came up to me and asked where I was from and he's like I would have died if you said Oakley, ID and I was like that is where my family is from! Haha you meet people everywhere!

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