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Amber Ltr: 2014-06-02

Subject: "As someone I've come to love got dressed in white"

June 2, 2014

So I'm trying to get more creative with the subject titles of my emails. This one comes from the cd, "The Work" in a song called, "The hardest thing I've ever loved to do." It is one of my favorite songs and it describes so many aspects of missionary work perfectly.

Thanks for the update on everyone! That is so awesome that Brooke is going to end up working at the ranch this summer! Good luck babe! You will do awesome :) I'm excited to hear all about it!

Tell Kaitlyn congratulations!! That is so exciting! She will do incredible. And tell Bro Welch that many prayers from Georgia will be coming his way. I hope it all goes ok!

To answer your questions: On Sunday mornings we study and then we have correlation at 10 with all the missionaries, ward and full time. Since Sis. Castleton is in training we have another hour of study after that and lunch and tracting if we have time. We are still riding to church with Donna which is really nice :)

Donna has one daughter, Meghan, from a previous marriage who is my age and is bipolar and doesn't talk to Donna anymore. It is really sad. She lives with her dad. Her husband will be in prison for at least 2 more years and believes that a person's religion is their own business but he would prefer it if she wasn't becoming a mormon. But as Donna puts it, "he's got a lot of time to get used to it." Haha I love her!

I got to hear about how Karl is doing when I saw Sister DeBry at zone conference. His divorce did end up getting finalized but he is still doing good and moving forward. It is weird to think that all of the missionaries I served with in Webb Bridge are all gone and that it is all new people there. It all seems forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time.

Sam is doing good still. She is 35 years old. He ended up giving her back her keys and things are going smoother there which is good. But he still won't let her go to church yet. We are just praying that he will come around. We had a really good lesson with her this week about standing as a witness like Abish in the Book of Mormon. It was powerful and she is determined to keep moving forward and do all she can. She is so sweet!

We had zone conference this last week on Tuesday. It started at 9 and we didn't get out of there until after 5! It was really long but it was so good! There were some awesome talks given and it was so fun seeing everyone! It is sad to think that it was President and Sister Wolfert's last one and that they are leaving in less than a month. It will be interesting to see the transition with the new mission president.

No luck with Shawn yet but we did get to see the Dunn's! They are really excited to start meeting with us again and they told us that they were able to feel of our prayers for them and they have been able to see the hand of the Lord in their life. We are meeting with them on Wednesday. :)

The highlight of the week was definitely Saturday. Donna's baptism was just perfect :) I wish that you all could have been there. It was incredible! We went over and saw her before heading over to the church and she just seemed so peaceful. She is normally in a hurry and always seems a little flustered but she was just calm and ready to go. Sister Castleton and I went and got everything all set up and we had over 50 members of the ward show up for the baptism. It was so great and the program was all members who had participated in the teaching process. She was glowing :) And Sister Webster got permission to come down! It was so fun to see her again and it was fun to have all of her missionaries there. The Spirit was so strong there and it was just the best day! We had dinner with her that night and we talked with her about the ripple effect that her decision today was going to have. She already has home and visiting teachers and is going to be getting a calling soon. A cool thing about her home teachers is that one of them, his name is Brother Beaton, plays the bagpipes and owns a kilt shop--he is one of my favorite people! I love him!--and he came into her baptism wearing his kilt and she turned to me and said that if anyone is going to get her husband to start coming to church it would be that guy and then we find out that he is her home teacher. :) I am excited to see how things play out in a couple of years. Her confirmation yesterday was great as well. When she came back down, I gave her a big hug and asked her how she was doing and she just said that she felt happy :) She is so great! We are going to start painting her house this week. I am so excited!

Things are still going good with training and with Sister Castleton. I definitely have lots of opportunities to learn and exercise patience. Which is good for me. Haha. She buys only organic, cage free, farm fresh eggs which is great and really helps the poor oppressed chickens out a lot. But she is learning and growing a lot and I'm adopting the Joseph B Wirthlin motto, "come what may and love it." She was so excited to have a baptism so soon into her mission and it was really sweet to watch her :)

I think that about wraps up my week. Thank you so much for all of the love and prayers. I am so grateful for each of you in my life and I couldn't do this without you. I love you all so much!!!


Love, Sister Bedke

PS Enjoy the pics of Donna's baptism and of me and Sis C. in the POURING Georgia rain :)

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