Monday, March 24, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-03-24

March 24, 2014

Hey it's me :)

What's good family?! I always love Mondays when I get to hear about how everyone is doing and what is going on at home. It is weird being so disconnected from all of you. But thanks for keeping me posted on everyone! I'm glad that Court and Brooke and Cameron got their letters and I'm working on the rest. And yes I did get that package :) Thank you so much Mom!! It made my day and I know that a lot of time went into it. You are the world's greatest!! I love you!

But guess who got baptized this weekend? Michael!!! It was the greatest :) So on Wednesday, we get a call from him and his wife and they asked us if we could pull a baptism together in 3 days. We said absolutely and we switched a few things around to get the rest of his lessons and interview in before Saturday. But we have some incredible ward members who helped us get clothing, refreshments, programs, and musical numbers ready. It all came together somehow and Saturday at 5 PM, Michael got baptized. He informed us on Friday that we were singing a musical number with his wife because, "If I can give up smoking for the rest of my life, then you can sing for 30 seconds." Touche. So we sang, "I know that my redeemer lives." It turned out really pretty and his wife has a beautiful voice! I will send some pics home today but as a warning, I look like I have been running around the church right before they were taken because that is exactly what I was doing. His confirmation turned out really great too. He is such an incredible guy and this decision truly will change his life and the life of his family. Have I ever told you his story? I don't know if I have. Sorry if you are hearing it again. But his wife, Roberta, was raised in the church and then left it when she was a teenager. She got into smoking, drinking, tatoos, etc. She met and married Michael and moved to Texas. Some missionaries tracted into them and Michael invited them back, wanting to give them a hard time and knowing that Roberta would send them away. But they ended up reading the Book of Mormon with them and it touched Roberta's heart and she decided that she wanted to start going back to church. This was back in August. Michael took the discussions but didn't have any desire to give up smoking or drinking and still had some issues with the book of mormon and the church. But then when Roberta went through the temple, he decided to get his act together and quit cold turkey. He didn't use patches or anything and hasn't touched cigarettes in about a month now. During his confirmation blessing, it talked about how he is now on the road to the temple and that his family will be so blessed from his decision to be baptized. He walked off the stand and did a huge fist pump and was like, "yes!" and he wouldn't stop smiling the whole meeting. I love him!!! And the ward has been so incredibly supportive of him and Roberta. I love this ward! One of them came up to us after church yesterday and tearfully told us how he believes that we were sent to this ward at this time specifically for Michael. I really think that is true. I love his family so much and it has been so rewarding to be a part of this experience. They are planning on going through the Salt Lake temple in a year so if I'm home, then I get to go!

Sorry that I haven't really talked about my companion at all. I really like her a lot I promise! She is a really good missionary and we get along really well. She has been getting really bad headaches in the mornings, related to allergies--apparently the pollen count is really really high here and allergies get pretty bad. But she pushes through. I am hoping that she stays my companion for another transfer because transfers are next week! What the? when did that happen? I can't believe how fast time is going and it keeps getting faster. 

Other than that, our other investigators have been super flaky. It is getting a little discouraging but that is our goal for this week is to turn our attention to them and to find some new people as well to start teaching. So if you could add that to your prayers to help us find people, that would be greatly appreciated. :) 

Well I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you. Thanks for the prayers and all you do for me!! I couldn't ask for a better family :)

Sister Bedke

PS Karl is getting baptized on April 12 now. He had some things to work through with Joseph Smith but they are all resolved now and he is all set to go for that date!!
PPS HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!! A card should get to you sometime this week :) Have an incredible day and know that someone in Georgia loves you and will be thinking of you!

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