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Amber Ltr: 2014-03-17

Subject: I wish chicks could dunk :)

March 17, 2014

Hola mi familia!

Hi from Georgia! It sounds like you have had a great week! Thanks for keeping me updated on life back in Utah :) And holy cow dad! I can't believe the hours that you are putting in! I am sure that has got to be wearing you down. Thanks so much for all you do for the ward family! I love you! And I'll keep my arms crossed for you Jace! Hopefully your headaches will start to go away. And "yes Jace I got your letter and it is true what you said about Courtney now that I think of it. If only you all knew what it says... ;) Haha I also got the one you sent me this last week too :) thanks bud! and I got a reply back to Brooke and I'm working on getting to a couple more today. 

That is way cool that Court's friend is coming to this mission! He has the cooIest name ever! I can't believe that that means transfers are coming in 2 weeks! This transfer has FLOWN by! But I will keep an eye out for him. He is coming to the greatest mission in the world!

So I get to see Sister Haderlie all of the time now. Our district meetings are in the same building and things are really good between us. She actually ran up to me and gave me a huge hug the first time she saw me which made me feel really good :) She has really enjoyed the companions that she has had since me so that is awesome! 

This week was similar to last week in that there was a lot of cancelled appointments and busy people but there were little tender mercies (and a big miracle) that helped us to keep going. We had a return appointment with a potential that seemed like it was going to be awesome and then about halfway through the lesson it just took a drastic turn and she just started yelling at us for the next 30 minutes about how our church is wrong and Joseph Smith is a fraud and how one day we are going to get to heaven and look at Christ and He is going to tell us that we picked the wrong church and have missed the boat. She stood over us and wouldn't let us get a word in at all and wouldn't let us leave until she finally says that she has given us a lot to think about and hopes that we will come back to the truth one day. So that was a little rough. But then right after we had this miracle:

And now for the title of my letter :) Michael is getting baptized either this weekend or next weekend!! Oh my goodness I am so excited!!! It was the best lesson ever with him! So we went over with Sister Perry, one of my favorite members who is like my mom in the ward. He started out by talking with us about how mormons always say that they "believe" instead of "know" and how that leaves room for doubt in what they are saying. We started talking about why that is and how it is a gradual progression of building testimony and then the Spirit caught up with our brains and we felt prompted to ask him what he knows. Which led into a great conversation about how he knows how the church is true, the book of mormon is true and that he is ready to set a date to be baptized!!! It was so cool!! It is either going to be this weekend, the 22nd, or next weekend, the 29th because he wants Roberta's (his wife who is awesome!) grandpa to do it so just as soon as he can get here! And that is when he told us that he wishes chicks could dunk :) haha he is so great! But it is such a huge tender mercy because I can't go to Karl's so the Lord is letting me have a baptism here instead! Best day ever!!! 

Nothing that woman said makes this church any less true and someday she will know and I want to teach her in the next life. But it always makes for a good story right? :) haha gotta love missionary life.

But I love you all so much!! Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support!! You are all incredible!

Love always,
Sister Bedke

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