Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amber Ltr: 2014-05-28

Subject: Delightfully exhausted :)

May 28, 2014

Thank you so much for all of the pics that you sent me! They are so cute! Court you look gorgeous!! Congratulations on graduating!!! And to the rest of you for making it through another year of school! What have y'all been up to so far on your first week of summer? It is so weird to think that it is summer now back home and here to I guess but our schedule doesn't change a whole lot, which is great! And we are hoping that we will be able to get a hold of some investigators now who were super busy with the end of school going on. So good things are definitely going to continue to be happening :)

Q & A: In order for Sis. Castleton to be medically cleared to come out on her mission, she had to be seizure free for a year. She takes preventative medication each morning and night and she has some emergency meds that she told me about in case she ever does have a seizure. But they aren't worried and so I'm not either. I don't really think about it too much to be honest. Brother and Sister Perry are some of my favorite members in the ward who are like my mom and dad out here. They are awesome!

The reason that I'm not getting the letter off until today instead of yesterday is that we had zone conference yesterday which literally lasted all day and then of course memorial day on Monday. That is way fun that Ash got to come down for the weekend!

So President Wolfert told us in our trainer meeting that one of our goals as a trainer should be to go to send our new missionaries to bed delightfully exhausted each night. And we definitely have been doing that! It was another really good, hard working week which are the best kind to have.

Donna is still all set for baptism this Saturday! I think there is going to be a really big turnout from the ward which is just what she needs. We had a really cool experience on Sunday. Bishop Adams was the last speaker and he was talking about the missionary work that is going on in this ward and he stood her up and told her how happy he and the rest of the ward is that she is coming into the fold :) You could tell that it really meant a lot to her and so many people came up to her after and gave her a huge hug and told her that they were so happy and excited for her. I love this ward! We have had almost daily contact with her and she is just so much happier now. She told us that this just feels right and she is going for it :) I love her! Also something really exciting is Sister Webster got permission to come to the baptism!!!! I am so excited to see her again and it is going to mean so much to Donna. We are going to surprise her and it will just be the best! I can't wait until Saturday!!! I'll send pics next week :)

Sam. She is such a sweetheart. We had some really good lessons with her this week about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom and she is always texting us to see if hot chocolate is allowed in the word of wisdom. We found out this week that she has a slow learning disorder. She is definitely there and can understand things, just at a slower and simpler level. She is just so excited to learn and move forward and be baptized and she is already sharing the gospel with her friends and wants them to come with her to our lessons. Sadly though, her baptism isn't going to come as quickly as we were originally hoping for. Sunday morning we got a text from her telling us that she can't come to church anymore because her dad won't let her or else he will kick her out and he was threatening to call the police on her. She told us that she was going to watch it online instead and just read her Book of Mormon instead. We told her how to watch general conference and she said that she was just praying that her dad's heart would be softened. She is so cute! But the good news is that we have a lesson with her today in a couple of hours and she said that her dad is doing better now. We will just have to see what he says about church this Sunday. But she is determined to keep moving forward and it will be good to help her to understand more things. We want to be able to go through the articles of faith with her and be able to take things at a slower pace so this gives us the chance to do that. It is just going to be in Heavenly Father's timing and I believe that it will work out. :)

We had several other lessons this week with some other investigators who have some great potential and found a few new ones as well. We also got back in contact with Shawn and the Dunn family! Both of them want to start meeting with us again! It was so good to talk to them and I think they just needed some time on their own to realized they really do need the gospel and they have just been crazy busy. But they are so great and we are excited to start back with them. :)

Well I think that about wraps up the week. Thank you so much for all the prayers, letters, love, and support. I am so grateful for all of you and I love you so much!!


Sister Bedke

Pic descriptions : 
1) MTC flashback!
2) Posterity pic :)
3) All of the sisters in our ward. Sister Hulme and Sister Motuliki (the Tongan one, she is so cute!)

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